8205 South Cass Avenue, Darien, IL

Darien Business Center

Darien Business Center is a collection of four properties consisting of office, industrial flex and warehouse space that cumulatively totals 80,574 square feet. The area of properties is located less than one mile north of Interstate 55 in Darien, Illinois. The Darien Business Center area is approximately 20 miles southwest of downtown Chicago and less than ten miles outside the Chicago MSA.

The four properties are:

7955 South Cass:  2-Story Office property built in 1990 situated on 6.63 acres with 18,866 square feet of office space.

8185 South Cass:  1-Story warehouse building consisting of 2,700 square feet and built in 1981

8141-87 South Cass: 1-Story industrial flex property built in 1981 consisting of 8,050 square feet of office & warehouse space situated on 2.6 acres.

8205 South Cass: 1-Story property with divisions for multiple office spaces totaling 59,605 square feet. The property is situated on 6.37 acres and was constructed in 1987 with renovations taking place in 1990.


Darien Business Center
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