NAS Investment Property Management has worked with over 2400 property investors

NAS Surpasses $534 Million in Cash Distributions Delivered to Property Investors

NAS Has Surpassed $534 Million in Cash Distributions to Investors, During the Company’s 11-year Investment Property Management History.

Property investors know that since 2008, NAS has established an impressive track record for investment property management.  The track record includes managing a commercial real estate portfolio of 164 diverse commercial properties in 29 states, comprised of 24.2 million square feet.  The overall value of NAS’ managed portfolio totals $3.28 billion. Company executives have provided investment property management services for 2,495 clients.

The company’s successful track record also includes guiding 84 ownership groups through property refinancing and selling processes. NAS has sourced and delivered buyers and maximized returns for investors of 64 properties nationwide and have delivered the best possible capital resources for the re-financing of 20 other commercial real estate assets.  In many cases, the re-financing process included the re-structuring of tenants-in-common properties into a limited liability corporation in order to secure the best financing option, a strategy in which the NAS management team has developed a high level of expertise.

NAS Investment Property Management Track Record

“We are extremely proud of the milestones we have reached after 11 years of serving investment property clients.  Our track record speaks volumes about our ability to maximize returns for property investors while consistently delivering high quality, proactive and transparent management services,” commented Karen E. Kennedy, President and Founder of National Asset Services.  “We started as a TIC property asset management company in 2008.  Because of our reputation, we have steadily grown to providing asset management and property management services for real estate investment clients with varying ownership structures, including TIC, DST and single owner properties.  Our ability to successfully manage a property regardless of its size, location, commercial class or ownership structure sets us apart from other commercial investment property management companies.”

A 35-year veteran of the Commercial Real Estate Industry, Karen E. Kennedy is the president and founder of National Asset Services and NAS Investment Solutions. Karen and her team are known nationwide for her objective, straightforward and transparent management style that delivers the best possible result to investors.  Karen is available for speaking at commercial investment property management and wealth management industry events.

Pinecrest Townhomes - Investment Property Management by NAS

NAS delivered a 115% cumulative return on investment to multifamily investors in PineCrest Townhomes in Olathe, Kansas.

Investment Property Management by NAS - Waterstone, Austin, TX

NAS Delivered 32.5% Cumulative Return on Investment to Texas Multifamily Investors with Sale of Austin Property Austin, TX

The Crescent at Alamo Heights

NAS Delivered a Buyer for San Antonio Multifamily Property Resulting in Sale 32% Greater Than Average Offer, Achieving an 18% Cumulative Return for Investors.

Gateway at Huntsville

Texas Student Housing Investors Experiences Cumulative Return-on-Investment of Over 22%

Gateway at Denton

NAS delivered a cumulative return on investment of over 109% to Texas student housing property investors