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Client Comments

Here's a collection of client comments about National Asset Services.  They are a direct result of our success in generating positive outcomes for clients at diverse properties throughout the country.  We greatly appreciate the impressive comments.

Pinecrest Townhomes

Bill Heiden, Wellesley, MA Investor - Pinecrest Townhomes

"NAS took over the management of PineCrest at a time when the property was experiencing issues due to mismanagement that caused unacceptable vacancy and poor communication with the investors.  NAS worked with the investors to organize refinancing, hire a new property manager and was instrumental in turning the property around with refreshing transparency to all investors, culminating in the recent successful sale of the property."


Pinecrest Townhomes, Olathe, KS
Pinecrest Townhomes

Don Senkeresty, San Jose, CA Investor | Pinecrest Townhomes

"The team you finally ended up with has done an  OUTSTANDING job not to mention the assets that you provided. I can not go without saying that EVERYTHING you have done has more than met my expectations."

Chartwell Court Apartments
Chartwell Court Apartments

Ralph O. Farinas, Boca Raton, FL Investor | Chartwell Court Apartments

“Karen Kennedy and the entire NAS team worked tirelessly to make the Chartwell Court refinance a reality. Their management of the property is the best I have ever experienced; they are my safety net!  We spent about two years in court to replace the previous manager and engaging NAS made it all worthwhile. They have that very rare combination of honesty and results. The best thing I can say is that I completely trust her experience and her knowledge, and beyond that I trust her. As far as I'm concerned Karen Kennedy walks on water.”

The Crescent at Alamo Heights, National Asset Services
The Crescent at Alamo Heights

Judy Berry, Edmond, OK Investor - The Crescent at Alamo Heights

"It is my pleasure to tell people about Karen Kennedy and her company, National Asset Services. I have known Karen and of her work for seven years and not once could I fault her for anything. Her standards are impeccably high, as are those of her employees.

Transparency is obvious and welcomed at every turn. Questions are answered quickly, accurately and information needed by a tenant-in-common is passed on by the company immediately. Karen is fair, honest and is very accomplished at what she does. I would never hestitate to recommend National Asset Services to anyone. Karen Kennedy employs the highest level of ethics in her work. I am thankful for her guidance during a very turbulent time."

Gateway at Denton, Denton, TX
Gateway at Denton, Denton, TX

Jim Kirby, Signal Hill, CA Investor - Gateway at Denton

“The return on our investment would not have been possible without the proactive and transparent management style of National Asset Services.  Despite additional competition that developed in the Denton market, the NAS team identified various opportunities and developed a strategic plan that was successful in enhancing our investment.”

Parmer McNeil Plaza
Parmer McNeil Plaza, Austin, TX

Albert E. Engel III, Tavares, FL Investor - Parmer McNeil Plaza

"I think the improved leasing efforts at Parmer McNeil is all due to the NAS team.   The property always had the potential, but lacked guidance.  Everyone's outstanding efforts proves we made an excellent choice in changing the management & leasing teams.  In just 3 months, the new teams have made tremendous strides in promoting our asset.

My thanks for everyone's efforts.  As a TIC,  I greatly appreciate the attention this property is now receiving."

Riverwood Place, Pewaukee, WI
Riverwood Place, Pewaukee, WI

Hal Coopersmith, Boynton Beach, FL Investor - Riverwood Place | Waterstone

"Working with Karen Kennedy and the NAS staff has been a breath of fresh air. I get honest, direct and timely answers to all my inquiries. They don't try and paint a rosy picture, and I know I can depend on the information provided to help me make an intelligent and informed decision."

Great client comments about National Asset Services from 602 Sawyer
602 Sawyer Street, Houston, TX

Loretta Greenberg, Chatsworth, CA Investor - 602 Sawyer Street

"The NAS team is a highly professional, knowledgeable, tenacious, transparent group of people that keeps the owners up to date on all the ups and downs of their property.  I couldn't ask for a better watchdog & advocate for my property.  They come highly recommended."

Great client comments about National Asset Services from Darien Biz Center
Darien Business Center, Darien, IL

Judy Stewart, Williamsburg, VA Investor - Darien Business Center

"The NAS team members are truly professional people and very caring ones, in addition.  I am on four steering committees, chairing the challenged one that was recently taken under management by NAS.  I believe I speak for all of the tenant-in-common investors in saying, there is no finer management company than NAS.  They went beyond the call of duty in many, many instances to help us.  I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again or to recommend them to others."

Great client comments about National Asset Services from Lynnhaven Square
Lynnhaven Square, Virginia Beach, VA

Norm Purdy, Eugene, OR Investor - Lynnhaven Square

"I've been with NAS as a client now for about seven years.  I originally had two tenant-in-common properties, they were originally acquired by the sponsor who was the asset manager and not doing well so we brought in NAS as asset manager.  We have been very happy with what they've done for us.  NAS is able to think ahead and see problems and opportunities before they happen.  When it came time to sell one of the properties and refinance the other one, they were absolutely essential in how they were able to carry out these rather complicated tasks.  I've been very happy with what they have done for us and would most highly recommend them."

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