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Investment Property Track Record - Since 2008

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National Asset Services

The NAS Brand of Investment Property Management

Since 2008, the NAS management team has managed property investments for thousands of investors at 167 properties. The team has managed and delivered $547,412,000 in Investor distributions.

National Asset Services was founded on the unwavering principle of putting our clients' best interests above everything else. This is a cornerstone of building trust. NAS is an incredible team of people who strongly believe in this ethic. Good intentions are not enough, however, to achieve positive results in the real estate world on a consistent basis. It also takes a lot of hard work and a wealth of experience and expertise.

That experience and expertise has come from managing hundreds of properties, during many phases of a property’s life-cycle. The NAS team has worked with over 90 ownership groups who have invested in different property types, located in very diverse markets. These properties have been managed at a time when uncertainty seemed the only constant variable. The NAS team has also seen first-hand how market trends, mismanagement and unidentified realities can affect the performance of a property. Our clients have come to know our integrity, understanding of real estate markets and commitment to excellent service through the myriad of challenges and successes we’ve shared.

NAS has earned the confidence and faith that has been bestowed upon the management team because of the professional expertise that have been developed over the many years of the company executives’ commercial real estate tenure. The NAS team knows that every single client has worked hard for their investment capital and are dedicated to maximizing returns on each investment.

Commercial Real Estate Management NAS Company Video

National Asset Services is a commercial real estate management company that delivers results for over 90 investment groups across America. NAS has a proven track record of managing a wide range of commercial real estate in a nationwide portfolio valued at over $3.315 billion.

Watch the company video and hear from actual clients about what makes the NAS brand of commercial property management a service that is nationally respected and owner entrusted.

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National Assets Services Success Stories

National Asset Services is a nationally respected, owner-entrusted commercial real estate management company
that has worked with over 90 ownership groups. With experience in managing diverse properties, located in diverse
markets across the country, the NAS team knows that all owners have one goal in common:

Increase Property Value.  Optimize Property Performance.

If you're looking for a better commercial real estate management company, put the NAS team to work for your
asset today. You will quickly see how an experienced commercial property management company can make a
real difference in the making of your property's success story.

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National Asset Services Client Comments

"NAS took over the management of PineCrest at a time when the property was experiencing issues due to mismanagement that caused unacceptable vacancy and poor communication with the investors.  NAS worked with the investors to organize refinancing, hire a new property manager and was instrumental in turning the property around with refreshing transparency to all investors, culminating in the recent successful sale of the property."


– Bill Heiden, Wellesley, MA, Investor - Pinecrest Townhomes

"The team you finally ended up with has done an  OUTSTANDING job not to mention the assets that you provided. I can not go without saying that EVERYTHING you have done has more than met my expectations."

– Don Senkeresty, San Jose, CA, Investor | Pinecrest Townhomes

“Karen Kennedy and the entire NAS team worked tirelessly to make the Chartwell Court refinance a reality. Their management of the property is the best I have ever experienced; they are my safety net!  We spent about two years in court to replace the previous manager and engaging NAS made it all worthwhile. They have that very rare combination of honesty and results. The best thing I can say is that I completely trust her experience and her knowledge, and beyond that I trust her. As far as I'm concerned Karen Kennedy walks on water.”

– Ralph O. Farinas, Boca Raton, FL, Investor | Chartwell Court Apartments

"It is my pleasure to tell people about Karen Kennedy and her company, National Asset Services. I have known Karen and of her work for seven years and not once could I fault her for anything. Her standards are impeccably high, as are those of her employees.

Transparency is obvious and welcomed at every turn. Questions are answered quickly, accurately and information needed by a tenant-in-common is passed on by the company immediately. Karen is fair, honest and is very accomplished at what she does. I would never hestitate to recommend National Asset Services to anyone. Karen Kennedy employs the highest level of ethics in her work. I am thankful for her guidance during a very turbulent time."

– Judy Berry, Edmond, OK, Investor - The Crescent at Alamo Heights
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