Bentonville Investment Offer

Exclusive Investment Offer From NAS Investment Solutions

One Time Investment Offer of 7% Cash-on-Cash Year One

DEEP DISCOUNT on INVESTMENTS in Remaining Equity in NNN Office Property Leased to The Clorox Company

Accredited Investors Only

NAS Investment Solutions has successfully closed on its first Property Acquisition in early December, 2017!

The company was able to raise the required capital and close in just 6 weeks – thanks to loyal NAS investors.

NAS Investment Solutions is now announcing a one-time investment offer on the additional capital in the property at a deep discount- which will take your first-year yield to 7%.

NAS Investment Solutions is under contract to obtain its next acquisition and is seeking to close out the small remaining equity on the Clorox property.

Call Karen E. Kennedy, Founder and President of NAS Investment Solutions immediately at 310.988.4240 to take advantage of this very limited, one time opportunity.

Bentonville Investment Offer
NAS Investment Solutions makes one-time investment offer on remaining equity in NNN Office Building Leased to The Clorox Company.


  • NNN Office Building Leased to The Clorox Company: A Major Supplier to Walmart, Located Less Than Four Miles from the Retailer’s World Headquarters.
  • Nonrecourse Loan of 10 Years at 4.3%
  • 10-Year Lease with Two 5-Year OptionsFortune 500 Company, Founded in 1913, with a Net Worth of $15.64 Billion.
  • Rent Escalates 2% annually
  • Constructed in 2016
  • 30,829 Square-Foot Building
  • 2200 SE 28th St. | Bentonville, AR